Mommy Outfits and Hairstyles for a Fashionable 2019


Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Whether you are a new mom or have already had a couple of years to get into the swing of things, you simply deserve to look incredible. Now, having an outfit that is on point is easy – there are always fashion influencers from whom you can snag ideas and inspiration from. However, when you’re a mom, you also need to bear practicality in mind. You of all women have the least amount of disposable time. That means that you need to come up with outfits and do your hair in less than 15 minutes, yet not let the stylishness and trendiness suffer, and that’s what brings us here today. We’re going to give you some of the best go-to, simple, stunning and practical hairstyle and outfits, ones that people will be in awe of and won’t believe didn’t take you hours to achieve.

The minimalistic route


Photo by alexandra marcu on Unsplash

It’s become common fashion knowledge that minimalists tend to be the best dressers out there. They own a plethora of great basics and the colors are neutral and they always mesh well together, so incorporating a touch of minimalism is always a good idea. You can start off with a grey pair of amazing straight leg jeans (high-rise if you want to conceal any issues in the belly area), an amazing chunky turtleneck sweater that is very 2019, and a classic grey coat.

For a touch of extra trendiness and drama, always go for a pair of snake print ankle boots (mid-block heel) and complete the outfit with a stunning leather tote that can serve as a substitute for a diaper bag. This outfit definitely calls for a messy bun which will never go out of style – just look at Steffy, one of the cutest moms ever, who almost always rocks the bun. It’s easy to make, super stylish, and if your hair isn’t long or thick enough, you can always resort to those bun-making sponges to add the illusion of volume.



Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Just like the aforementioned Steffy, there are plenty of moms out there who simply love to coordinate their outfits with their little ones. It’s not only a 2019 must but it’s eternally adorable as well. So, for instance, if you’re into saturated hues which have been dominating the runways, first grab one of those Marc Jacobs-looking oversized coats, a pair of wide-leg pants in a deep blue hue and sharpen up the outfit with the back-in-style classic white shirt. Then, take care of your little one. There is always a trendy baby clothing store where you can find the most amazing little fashion staples for your little one.

You can put your boy in saturated blue little pants and a white cotton top, or your baby girl in a gorgeous suspender skirt and again, a white cotton top. If the mommy is fashionable, the baby should definitely be fashionable as well, and coordination just adds emphasis to that. As for the hair, if you have a baby girl, put her hair in a cute ponytail and do the same for yourself. A sleek ponytail never goes out of style. Just make sure you use something to tame the rogue hairs, make everything tight and chic, and you’re good to go.

Athleisure time


When it comes to a trendy 2019, one simply can’t overlook the power of the athleisure trend. Now, there are plenty of ways to rock it, so don’t think you’re stuck with a tracksuit or yoga pants, but you can definitely pull those off as well and look totally fash. For instance, one great outfit can consist of a midi skirt – plaid would be pure perfection. Then, add a cute tee with either a whimsical or serious print and seal the deal with an oversized blazer – an item that conceals everything you want concealed and makes you look nonchalantly chic.

To finish the look off, always resort to a pair of super comfortable sneakers – trendy and great for running around doing errands and taking long walks. Soft waves are undoubtedly this outfit’s best companion, so either pay a visit to your hairstylist, as these waves can last you a whole week, or do them yourself if you know your way around a curling iron. Bobs and lobs look best with the waves, and although long hair is welcome as well, bobs are simply the more practical choice for chic moms.

When summer arrives


Photo by Garin Chadwick on Unsplash

Spring and summer will be knocking on our door before we know it, so we have to welcome the seasons prepared. Carolina Herrera and a number of other designers have shown us the returning power of polka dots, so make sure you snag a few breezy dresses – white with black polka dots, grab a pair of ballerina flats and take your little one for a stroll. Now, for spring, there are always the timelessly stylish options – the chic trench coat and the edgy moto leather jacket, so take your pick as both are unmistakable choices. Once summer is here, ditch the jackets but keep the flowy dresses, especially knee and ankle-length ones. They make you look chic, breezy, and will hide any winter or baby weight. Summer is also a time for amazing beach waves – what else, but we hear that pixies are also making a comeback, and if you think you would look good in a pixie, go for it. It’s easy to maintain and style and as a mom, you know how much every moment counts.

Claire Hastings