Male Models have never been more tattooed than right now. In fact, the archetypal models of the 90's were valued for their malleability unblemished canvases for designer clothes and accessories. But as male model "Quest Gulliford" has start to gain the kind of star power his female counterparts have long known, societal priorities began to shift.  

 Quest perfectly sculpted physique is encapsulated from head to toe with intricate tattoo art. From portraiture to icons and geometric patterns, Quest´s body is more than a showcase for ink. Under his own guidance, and his quest for success the Hammersmith-born beauty has become somewhat of a modeling sensation both in and out the studio, having worked with clients such as Elite Wear Offical and Elven Clothing Co., sitting alongside a social media fan base of well over two-hundred-thousand followers plus.

Caption this. 🤔 #TheQuestToSuccess

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Before all the glitz and glam Quest worked at King & Shock Manion a gym in Las Vegas, his determination, and thirst for success contributed to his flaunt ownership of his chiseled body and very personal inking, A true Instagram-ready work,  Lives all over his perfect skin. So I invited you into the world of Quest, An Adonis-Godlike man changing the paradigm of the fashion and modeling industry.