London Fashion Week Street Style Inspirations


February was booked for one of the most prestigious Fashion Weeks in the world. Yes, that’s right, it’s the London Fashion Week, and if you were following the media you could have easily seen the plethora of colorful and somewhat unusual combinations celebrities such as Zendaya and Jourdan Dunn rocked in the streets. These are surely the trends that we will be seeing in the streets this fall, so make sure to know what to get yourself for the period after the summer that we all anticipate so much. If you were wondering what the street style trends are in short, take a look at the following list:






Some of the most dominant garments at the London Fashion Week were definitely coats and jackets. And honestly, why else look forward to the fall if not because of the various coats and jackets we could own? This time, you can either opt for a monochromatic or patterned one, as both can be worn on  every occasion. Moreover, you don’t have to match it perfectly with the rest of the attire – bold garments together definitely make a signature look. The classic brown or beige monochromatic coat will again be here for the fall, but if you’re going for a bolder look you can choose a patterned one, such as the Miu Miu floral coat.


Patterned combos




The next thing we could notice were all the patterned shirts, t-shirts, blouses and pants that were practically all over London. The most prominent patterns are definitely the retro ones, such as plaid and the 8-bit ones. Zendaya rocked the streets wearing a yellow-black patterned combo, thus channeling the neon graffiti look which is going to be huge the following season. Basically, pair the pants and the top using the same pattern (and same designer, of course), and you’ll be the most fashionable person present. If you have the chance to get shoes with the same pattern, do so, as this is the look of 2018.


Baby blue




Even though London Fashion Week was to a certain extent a tribute to the LGBTQ youth, the most dominant color was by far baby blue. You could have seen different things in this shade – from coats, to other pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories. So if you have the idea of ordering one of the many great designer dresses online, make sure to get it in this color as there might be a chance that it will be the color of the year. And luckily, it does look extremely cool. You can also combine this trend with one of the other ones, such as Veronika Heilbrunner did – she took her baby blue floral Christopher Kane coat for a walk and it looked amazing.


Big and fanny bags



One of the most important accessories are definitely bags, and we seriously fell in love with all of them. The most dominant ones were big bags, such as the ones by Loewe or Balenciaga. The latter one was seen in the hands of Irina Lakicevic, and it looked spectacular. Moreover, many were seen holding a Roksanda bag, which definitely means this is a bag to own in 2018. And let’s not forget the fanny packs! It’s a trend that Kylie Jenner started last year, but it seems that it’s here to stay. So laugh as much as you want, but the Supreme fanny pack is definitely the accessory you'll want this year.






As footwear is concerned – the more futuristic, the better. As already mentioned, getting patterned high heels that have the exact same pattern as your pants or top is the one-way ticket to being the perfect fashionista. Moroever, you can always look for retro 2000’s inspired shoes  since these will be huge in 2018 and 2019. So, next time you see a pair of shoes that you would have worn in the previous decade, and it has a touch of futurism – know for sure those are the shoes to be worn this season!


Each Fashion Week is different, and each one carries something different with it, but London Fashion Week raised the bar even higher when street style trends are concerned. Follow at least one of the tips above and you’ll definitely be regarded as one of the most fashionable people around you.

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