Anne Sportun has been known for her alternative approach to bridal jewellery for decades.  Anne is intrinsically inspired by forms found in nature. This fascination is evident in her work where perfectly imperfect silhouettes are embraced. We combine alternative stones with traditional gold-smithing techniques, to create pieces that transcend trend and speak personally to each and every bride.

"At Anne Sportun we encourage our clients to think outside the box when it comes to their engagement rings.  Lately, we are seeing brides gravitating towards styles which combine Anne’s artfully chosen raw stones with delicate, lighter setting styles. Our brides also love the alternative spins on engagement classics like organic edges, hand applied textures, and wonky setting orientations available in Anne's core bridal collection. We also have brides who forgo the solitaire style altogether to develop the perfect bridal stack." Says Maddie Cochran, Flagship Manager, Anne Sportun.