Hélène Clabecq 

Hélène Clabecq 

Hi there!

I'm a 30 years old French woman. Well-traveled, I've explored over 50 countries and lived in five. My particularity is that I choose to live fully, walk my own path and disregard other people's opinions, labels or pressures to "be" or "act" in a certain way. 

For Fashion in Revolt and as a storyteller in general, I collect stories of those doing the same.

I am fascinated by those who act in bold & creative ways to follow their passion and let their true selves come out.

I also love everything disruptive. Creative initiatives that aim to break the codes and create discussions around social issues.

On a calm day, you'll find me dancing, surfing, learning photography or editing techniques, listening to an audiobook on personal development or discussing the secrets of the universe.