How to Channel Best Vintage Festive Styles

Christmas is almost here and we can already feel the usual festive atmosphere which accompanies it. Therefore, it’s no surprise that, once again, we are super excited about watching some of the old Christmas movies which make us feel nostalgic and happy at the same time. However, aside from being famous for their gripping and well-known plots, these movies are popular because of their costumes and fashion as well. And, what’s great, they are a huge source of inspiration even today and many fashionistas like incorporating these vintage elements into their style as well. Let’s take a look at how we can achieve this.

Holiday Inn

patrick-kool-444610 (1).jpg


Photo by Patrick Kool on Unsplash

If you like this funny story, and you truly want to relive its memorable scenes, you can take it as an inspiration when choosing a perfect gown for the New Year’s Eve. Just remember some of the amazing sparkly long dresses that the main female protagonist used to wear. Wouldn’t any these dresses combined with your modern jewellery be a perfect choice for this festive occasion? Of course it would. We guarantee that their perfect clash of vintage and modern would sweep everybody off their feet.

Christmas in Connecticut



Photo by Matthew Kane on Unsplash
Another amazing vintage movie is Christmas in Connecticut. Similarly to the previous one, it’s full of interesting fashion designs. However, the most popular piece of clothing is certainly Elizabeth’s mink coat which we can see at the beginning of this movie. Aside from being a cause of dispute between Felix and Elizabeth, this coat is quite memorable due to its elegance as well. Finally, what’s particularly great about it is the fact that such clothing pieces are timeless and would look equally sophisticated even in today’s modern world.

Meet Me in St. Louis



Photo by Daria Litvinova on Unsplash
Although Meet Me in St. Louis is not the most typical holiday movie, it’s certainly worth your attention due to various fashion details which you can borrow and incorporate into your own style. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should copy this fashion trend completely. Instead, it can serve you as an inspiration to find some other interesting pieces of clothing, like romantic kaftans, which are characterised by an exciting combination of modern and vintage elements.

Shop around the Corner


Photo by Ilya Ilyukhin on Unsplash
Shop around the Corner is a romantic comedy in which Margaret Sullivan looked truly amazing. Her small black hats can serve you as an inspiration to incorporate this kind of accessory into your style as well. Just imagine how romantic you would look! In addition to that, you’re more than welcome to experiment with other colours and find the one which suits you best. Furthermore, you can notice that polka dots were quite popular at that time which doesn’t mean that they can’t be a great choice nowadays as well. A polka-dot dress can bring a touch of elegance and make you look and feel like a true lady.

The Bishop’s Wife



Photo by on Unsplash

The Bishop’s Wife is another great movie that can help you channel the best vintage festive styles. Here, we can witness how small accessories can have a strong effect and make a big difference. So, instead of opting for statement jewellery, choose a nice vintage necklace or a pair of earrings and wear only them. You’ll be surprised to see how wearing less jewellery can make you look more glamorous than when you overwhelm your appearance with several pieces.

As you can see, aside from being amusing, these vintage movies can serve as a great source of fashion inspiration and ideas. You can either try to find the exact same or at least similar pieces of clothing and look for a way to incorporate them into your style, or, you can just take the fashion depicted in these movies as an inspiration and opt for some modern pieces which have that vintage feel at the same time. No matter what you choose, it’s important that you feel comfortable and sexy in what you’re wearing.