How to Survive December Like a Fashion Pro

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With fall in full swing and winter just around the corner, not all of us in the “fa, la, la, la, la” mood for all the bitter cold and gloomy grey isn’t as inspiring as we’d like it to be, right? Although it takes some practice, and plenty of patience for the dreariness to blow over, your style can actually serve you as the much-needed mood-booster!

Whatever the occasion, calm your fashion fury with a little bit of designer ingenuity and a few handy tips straight from the stardom of runways and Instagram, as December will, all of a sudden, feel much warmer with a splash of the right hue, and the touch of the right texture!

Casualwear for everyday chilly strolls



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Wherever you’re going and whatever you’re up to on any fine day of fall, you need to take excellent care of your health and still not compromise your ever-so-fabulous look. And where can you find the best of both worlds for this season? The fur-coat, of course! Go faux-fur, to stay eco-friendly and steer clear of animal cruelty, but this handy look gives you plenty of room to spice up your daily look and still keep it casual.

Turtlenecks are back in business, but choose slightly larger fits as opposed to tight and snug. Add to that the classic jeans, a pair of ankle boots and a tote to match with your jeans’ bet, and you’ll be the talk of the street. In a good way, of course.

Office-perfect signature outfits



Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash

No need to go grey or stick to simple if you can make things just a little bit more complicated, and thus, more fun! Fall is already dull as it is, at least in most parts of the world, so in order to bring some light and glow into your gloomy days, opt for bright red coats, asymmetrical suits, and don’t shy away from trying out the baker boy hat trend – it doesn’t suit us all, but you can give it a go nonetheless.

Think: color-blocking for more contrast, combining coal black and sunny yellow in a single top, and wearing pastel is another way to spruce up your suits, especially if you dare to try on the red boot look. Haute jeans are also by the book according to the latest designer trends, but only when paired well with high-end footwear and accessories to match your look.

Family-friendly holiday style



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The fact that your little nieces and nephews are coming to town is no excuse to neglect your inner fashionista’s need for creativity. In fact, you can use these upcoming holidays, Christmas especially, to bring out your jolliest, most celebratory garments you can envision! Make it an explosion of textures, fabrics, patterns, hues, and all of it as friendly and comfortable as the feast you’re about to join in.

Add a bit of glitter on your eyes to mimic the love for glam of the recent trends, mixed with stylish Loewe shirt dresses in the spirit of summer, and heels to instantly elevate your look through the roof. Oversized, comfortable and fluttery doesn’t need to end in summer, just keep thinking in layers and you’re good to go!

Your New Year’s Eve look



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Or for any other fancy occasion, for that matter, there’s no need to search far and wide for the outfit of your dreams. The golden palette of fall is already inspiration enough for your most upscale events, so steer your thoughts in the direction of sterling silver and glittery gold! Form-fitting dresses that emphasize your lovely curves and still leave plenty of wiggle room are the true glitter bomb for celebrations.

As for simpler, subtler choices, anything in couch florals will bring out your festive mood, while velvet is the fabric of fall, especially if you’d like a stunning mid-length or even floor-length dress. Not to mention that this will become your go-to piece for many occasions in the cold months to come, so make sure you’ve got at least one favorite velvet dress to be your LBD for the season!

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