The designer, FARBOD BARSUM, born into a family of two architect parents, was surrounded with design and compositional discipline at an early age. His educational goals reflected his passion for arts as he graduated from Berkeley studying Art History. He went on to FIDM, San Francisco to study Fashion Design only to be followed shortly thereafter by a Masters degree in Architecture. Combining his experience by working for some of the most prestigious fashion houses as well as architectural design work, Farbod was ready to present his visions of iconic style to the world. He launched his fashion house in 2010 after an apprenticeship in The House of Bijan on Rodeo Drive where he worked side by side with the late designer.
We have completely rebranded the image of our boutique from the previous aesthetic of Melrose Place which was more vintage European to go with the mood and quaint setting of that street.

I always like to reflect the mood of the environment we inhabit and the ultra modern MGM building we reside in along with all the contemporary developments in the area gave me the opportunity to go in that new direction of modern. My challenge was to use two traditional materials such as marble and crystal chandeliers in a contemporary way by using striped olympico striato marble vertical and horizontal slabs along with square columnar shaped crystal chandeliers. There are thirteen chandeliers in all with a dazzling assortment of 3,500 strands of crystal making it the most crystal used in any boutique in Beverly hills. Everything takes a subdued but glitzy backdrop to the handbags as everything is shades of grey with black metallic sparkle porcelain floors from Spain. there are metallic silver velvet texture in the upholstery , as well as extensive use of smokey grey mirrors.
With my background and masters degree being in architecture, the boutique was designed entirely by me. 
Clients will experience three different zones on the sales floor, the first being a men's unisex travel area, proceeding to a women's handbag and accessories area , and the last area is a room dedicated to evening bags and smaller handbags.