Kourosh Maddahi

Dr, Kourosh Maddahi
I have decided to clue my readers in on something awesome. Are you ready for this? Anti-Aging Dentistry. Dr. Maddahi graduated from USC in 1987 and has been practicing cosmetic dentistry in Beverly Hills for 27 years.  In 1995 & 96 he began to explore how he could make the experience of going to the dentist more enjoyable for his patients by letting them watch movies using 3D glasses while they were getting work done. 

 After receiving positive feedback from his clientele he expanded upon the idea, beginning to work with a technology called Air-Abrasion which is an instrument that emits power and air to remove cavities, eliminating the need for drills and the painful numbing shots that most people dread.  Soon after the good doc switch to laser treatments, many would say Dr. maddahi revolutionized cosmetic dentistry into Anti-Aging Dentistry. Dr. Maddahi focused on the long term effects of structural imperfections and abnormalities in the teeth and jaw that led to signs of aging in the lower 1/3 of the face.  

Wow I guess what you don’t know will not only kill you, but make you older.  The good DR. has been featured on CBS news, ABC news, & Entertainment Tonight, Extra and now Haute-House