Who is J. Wright? well he is an American Rapper but he prefers the term Hip-hop.  J. Wright is a native of Davenport, Iowa. He is the  only local rapper making waves in his community.   Last year J. Wright was named “Artist to watch for 2012” By hip-hop weekly magazine.  Jay is the only independent artist from the Midwest able to make mainstream music and have coloration with mainstream artist such as Kanye West, Bow wow & Soulja Boy.  J. Wright writes and produces his own music with both feet on the ground and 2 eyes on the prize J. Wright is on the fast track to success. With a humble personality, this is what he told Haute-House ( I may never be the biggest artist in the world, but if I can touch just one person with my music and help them through something, I have accomplish what God put me here to do). Look out Hip-Hop J. Wright plans to release his 3rd album entitled #WhoIsJWright  available for download on 2/11/2014. The album will be available on ITunes, Google Play, & Amazon. Make sure you buy the album leave comments to let the J. Wright know how much you love the album.

Here are @therealjwright official accounts
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