Piece d’Anarchive

Piece d’Anarchive Casts a Cinematic Spell

Since launching French label Piece d’Anarchive in 2011, sisters Deborah and Priscilla Royer have proven their knack for fusing the conceptual and the wearable. Case in point: their black, white, and navy Spring ’14 collection, which the pair presented in September during Paris fashion week. The collection was inspired by the house of conceptualist Jean-Pierre Raynaud, who, after devoting twenty-five years to building his abode, tore it down upon completion, because he thought it was too flawless.
Boasting every imaginable iteration of grids and stripes, the graphic wool, nylon, leather, mesh, and silk wares are showcased in an austere film by director Takuya Uchiyama and artistic director Tiffany Godoy. “The idea was to stage our own gang, to show the reality and attitude behind the brand,” the designers told Style.com. Indeed, the short is chock-full of attitude, thanks in part to a pouty Lily McMenamy, who stars alongside such models as Barbara Lear, Amandine Choquet, and Jimmy Q. “Everything about Lily is unusual compared to other models. She moves in a wild way. She is not afraid to do acrobatic gestures, and she stares at the camera as if she was casting a spell on it.