Antoni & Alison

Vogue UK stepped inside the wonderful world of Antoni & Alison this week to see the duo's spring/summer 2014 collection, entitled Somewhere Else.

"We never really have a theme but this ended up being about the idea of somewhere else," explained Antoni Burakowski, one half of the duo - the other is Alison Roberts. "People tend to think of us as being very British but I thought, hang on, I'm partly Polish. So it was about thinking where we could go from our armchair - flick on the TV and you can go everywhere: China, France."

Cue an escapade around London to find a host of trinkets and treasures to create the pieces of work that would then become the dresses.
"It's still always collaged. We can't stop placing things together," explained Burakowski, holding up one cabbage and rose print dress, another with a hair slide positioned on its front, and another - "the French dress" - a red, white and blue striped number.