I don’t usually write about love, but tonight I felt inspired. Of course tonight was a typical monday night talking with my best friend for an hour about nothing and watching Tyler Posey in teen wolf. After the show was over I was left with a paralyzing thought so I decided to write about it.  Some of us wait our whole lives to fall in love not really thinking about anything else but our careers and when that magic moment will happen. For woman it’s even worse, they are programmed this way. These days to have a career and a man and when the time is right kids.  In case that does not happen is there a backup plan?  When your plans are burned and you are not where you though you would be with your career and your love life do you give up? This is a reoccurring conversation I have with my friends, its funny how we forget how young we are in the face of love and began to think our time is running out.

I am not in love at this stage in my life my career is most important. I went from having a PR business that averages over half a million a year to re-building my career from nothing.  Is there a point when were are supposed to give up? Another question I hear all the time my answer is no fight for what you want and believe in until your last breath. If all you have left is to fight keep fighting eventually the victory will be yours.  Love you self before you can expect anyone else to love you. Never look outside of yourself for something you feel is missing inside you.  If you do not find it inside you, you will never find it.   Here some advice for you; loving someone else does not make you love yourself. Focus all the love you have on yourself until you are ready to love another person without taking anything away from yourself. 

Keep It Sassy !