It’s no secret that the Italians make so much seem effortless, especially design.  Whether it is product design, furniture design, or fashion design, the Italians appear to have it down to a formula. When I walked up to the rack of CODICE knits in their showroom the other day it was an “A-ha!” moment for certain.  “THIS is where those well dressed Italian men get their tops!”
CODICE embodies the polished, sophisticated ease that are the hallmarks of Italian style in a clean, spare, yet never overly basic collection of knit tops, t-shirts, polos & fine gauge sweaters.  While the pieces on first look do indeed appear as little more than a beautifully colored range of basics, a second look proves this first impression as far from true.  Each piece is peppered with thoughtful details like contrast stitching, piped yoke seams, novel graphics on the t’s, & every piece is so soft to the touch that the refined depth of the design is immediately evidenced.
By the company’s own admission, their goal is to create a perfect match for modern pants & shirts.  Judging from the range shown for Spring 2014, they’ve come quite close to victorious perfection.  I can’t wait to see what they have on slate for Fall 2014 when the layering options exponentially increase the possibilities.  Be warned… seeing this line in person could be dangerous, as if you are anything like me, you’ll be hooked.
-Scott French
Publicity:  Deborah Hughes, Inc.
Showroom:  Schuyler 4 Showroom