Libertin Dune Looks to the Future With Saint Laurent

Libertin Dune Looks to the Future With Saint Laurent

Libertin Dune's new cover
Style Map contributor Kazumi Asamura Hayashi runs The Last Gallery in Tokyo and is editor in chief of the magazine Libertin Dune. Today she’s posting her first Style Map update, giving readers a behind-the-scenes view of the extraordinary Araki shoot of Butoh dancers that is one of the new Libertin Dune covers. “It’s based on the imagery shot by Araki for Dairakudakan’s fortieth-anniversary show,” Hayashi told me, referring to the legendary Butoh company, Dairakudakan. “We asked him to reshoot the dancers in the Saint Laurent Paris looks by Hedi Slimane.” Hayashi went on to say that the conceptual link between Slimane and Dairakudakan founder Akaji Maro was their mutual interest in simultaneously honoring tradition, and reinventing it. “The essence of tradition is inheritance,” Hayashi pointed out. “An overemphasis on ‘protecting’ the past can reduce any hope for the future.” Here, Hayashi gives us another peek behind-the-scenes of the shoot.
Behind the scenes of Libertin Dune's cover shoot