LA socialites

When was the last time you heard about a socialite giving to a charity or providing a free services to the community to help advance  careers. The media is always giving the title (It Girls) to someone new.  After building them up with high social standers just to let them fall with some high profile scandal. Then there are the times it’s something as simple as an HIV test. Well if you have not heard, Dana Hammond a NYC socialite is being sued for asking her servant to take an HIV test. Really? I am only one person with a blog with growing fan base and readers. So I have decided to shine a light on 3 LA socialites they are making waves in their community.
Right to left
Joseph, Daniel, Jermaine 

Joseph Benjamin is the owner of Sassy PR, A firm dedicated to the development of emerging artist and fashion designers. “If you have talented and you are serious about your career call us. We might take you on for free.” Said Joseph Benjamin.

 Joseph believes though personalized coaching and development for young artist and designers on the rise success is assured. Sassy PR is the only PR firm in history to take on more than 3 clients for free.  Joseph Benjamin is a power house socialite quickly on the rise.

Daniel Cloman is an outstanding actor living in Los Angeles helping other struggle actor with casting information and tip to strengthen their craft. Daniel has a things for models he has helped several models secured major contracts with ford model management and elite model management

 “You need people to be successful without people no one would be famous” said Daniel,
Daniel is a true socialite having  connection with all of Los Angeles and Hollywood night life club promoters. Daniel was recently invited to a Maybac  music party along with Joseph Benjamin and Jermaine Allen among the attendee Omarion, Rick Ross, T-pain  

Jermaine Allen is an amazing stylist he has work some of Hollywood elite, all having rave reviews about his styling practices. 
Jermaine has volunteered for Fashion Night Out in Los Angeles in LA last 2 years gaining experience in merchandising and product development.  “Knowledge is money and I plan to get as much as possible, there is no end to what you can learn” said Jermaine

Haute-House would like to give major KUDOS to Jermaine for volunteering his time and money to the Long Beach mission helping to provide food and shelter for over 78 thousand people a year.

Now I ask you to decide what a socialite is  and if we need to re-evaluate who the media presents to us as such. No one is perfect by any means but Joseph, Daniel and Jermaine are making a difference in others’ lives with helping to establish their careers or keeping them fed with a place to live.

Want to help with cancer research? Follow Daniel, Jermaine and Joseph on Instagram. If they all reach 10,000 followers on Instagram each of them will make a very substantial endowment to Saint Jude Children Hospital