Well there is another reality TV show being filmed in LA. Sources say it will give a look into the fashion and entertainment industry that few people see. I manage to sang a description from one of the show producers. (Three ambitious creative young professionals come together for a project that will attract and motive the “driven” community. When it comes to the fashion and entertainment industries one must fight to stay on top and build an amazing network if they hope to establish clientele and prominence. With job assurance after college being such an issue we are seeing more young entrepreneurs working for themselves and loving it. While it is not easy it’s the reality for so many people. Driven will be a show that breaks down the stereotypes of the entertainment industry and tells the truth of how young people struggle to make a name for themselves.)
 I don’t know about you but I am excited to see this show, I might make a guest appearance on the show. Driven is schedule to be release summer 2016. This show is a partnership of Sassy Public Relations and Dare 2 imagine productions.

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