Is eco-chic your go-to buzz word? Are you a fan of sustainable anything? How about a Made in America label?  Or what about overall comfort and appeal? If you can answer YES to any or all the above, Julie Bee’s is a brand that you can feel confident to be stepping out in.
The process is simple- proudly made in the USA, Julie Bee’s have cut down on their carbon footprint by using leather that is vegetable-dyed which in turn, eliminates the use of harsh chemicals. Shoes are then customized with vintage pieces that not only add a unique je ne sais quoi, but also bring these pieces to life.
This seasons’ collection includes an array of eco-chic wedges, sexy heels & everyday flats that you can wear to work or out on the town with friends with prices ranges from $250-$350.
So now we’ve sold you, right? These shoes with a message need your help- the company is looking to raise $20,000 by April 6 in order to produce their next line.  To find out more about how to help this brand in its goal of creating fabulous, sustainable, American-made shoes, check out the Julie Bee’s office page at Kickstarter.com.
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