Justin Bieber straight up collapsed on stage

BREAKING NEWS! During a concert at London’s 02 arena tonight, Justin Bieber straight up collapsed on stage!
Because Bieber is a machine, he fell down, told the crowd he wasn’t feeling well, went backstage, came out ten minutes later and finished the show!
We think Justin finished out the show so no-one could peg him for flaking when he was two hours late to his show earlier this week.
In the video below, his manager Scooter Braun explained to the audience that Bieber had been short of breath the entire show, but despite doctor’s warnings, Bieber was still going to finish the show because of “the fans.”
We think Bieber is not getting enough air circulation wearing that gas mask around town.
Directly after the show, JB was transported to the hospital and apparently he’s still receiving treatment.
We hope Bieber is doing okay! Some people are calling this a PR stunt to make up for his crazy London antics and starting his show late the other night. Apparently Justin had a meeting with the people at his label to tell him to get back to his clean image and fan-friendly persona.
Either way, feel better Bieber. We’re sure #FeelBetterBieber is already trending on Twitter.  

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