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Joseph Benjamin & Sassy Public Relations

Joseph Benjamin: Fashion Meets PR Meets Twitter

Joseph Benjamin Founder of Sassy Public Relations

Interviewer’s Note: Today we profile Joseph Benjamin, who heads a unique boutique PR/fashion company. Hear his take on Twitter and direct marketing during our conversation:
Hello Joseph, welcome to our blog. How do you describe your business?
Sassy Public Relations creates attention-grabbing media campaigns for our clients. Our signature campaign reflects our individual focus on the client’s unique needs, desires, personality, and imagination.
How do you position yourself? Is there a certain niche you occupy?
We specialize in fashion marketing and public relations services, which affords us, as a company, the ability to obtain intimate knowledge of the industry’s interworkings and an unrivaled focus on that which we are most passionate about.
How did you get started?
I started my business in 2009 after realizing I had a love for marketing and fashion, and also realized that we use public relations in everyday life.
That’s a good point you make- I think a lot of people market something 24/7, on some scale or another, whether they know it or not.
When use Twitter, Facebook or any other social networking site, we are promoting ourselves and things we are passionate about .
Exactly! So what role does Twitter play in your business?
I use Twitter as a source of direct marketing to consumers, referring them to my website and my blog and answering any question they may have about public relations. If people recognize you for being a source of useful information, usually they’ll return to you for their business.
What impact or change have you seen due to Twitter/social marketing?
Of course, every business now has a Twitter account. Most large companies uses Twitter for customer support and feedback, which is a great idea. There is no right or wrong way to use social media marketing for your business.
So what do you use for yours?
I use a direct marketing approach using Twitter and Facebook ,contacting clients and telling the client how I can help their business.
Are there any of your accomplishments with social marketing that you are particularly proud of?
My blog gets over 500 views a day. I am really proud of this.
How did you build your Twitter following?
I followed as many people twitter allowed me.
What strategies did you use for social marketing (either online or offline)?
I am going to keep my strategies a secret but direct marketing is the way to go when dealing with social media marketing.
Can you talk a little about your experiences with Facebook?
I have found that Facebook does not really work for my business, Usually people aren’t using Facebook to make a purchase but just to gain some information on the company. More and more,  I see people tweeting about product or services they need I usually contact those people and offer my services.
What does Twitter do for you that nothing else can do?
Twitter is a better source of lead generation. I can always search what people are looking for or what they need and contact those people directly.
What lessons have you learned about Twitter and online marketing?
Twitter works best with direct marketing. People respond to direct marketing whether it’s in person or online. If you find new ways to engage people you have a great chance of getting responses.
Marketing online is suppose to be a constant changing thing. There is no right or wrong way but others are more effective. Above all, find a marketing strategy that works best for you and your consumers.
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