Introducing - Founder Joseph Benjamin - Sassy Public Relations

Introducing -  Joseph Benjamin Founder of  - Sassy Public Relations

 Introducing  new fashion publicist  Joseph Benjamin, CEO of Sassy Public Relations - Joseph’s goal is to build new directions for his firm, which he believes will happen through personalized coaching and inspirational meetings.  To him, public relations is not simply about the exchange of money but a prime opportunity for an exceptional understanding of a client’s needs and desires for their brand.

“We bring flair, elegance, and creativity to each and every campaign," said Joseph Benjamin.  "Our goal is to learn your story, your style, and your vision -- then design a PR campaign unique to your specific goals and objectives."

Joseph is currently editor of Haute-House blog, a fashion publication that has been at the front line of every fashion milestone for the past three years.  Haute-House is dedicated to the development of fashion enthusiasts and is elevating the exposure of established designers and young designers on the rise.
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