Haute Couture Spring 2013: Julien Fournié

Commercial space flights may only be transporting cargo for the time being, but fast forward to the future. How many years is anyone’s guess, but when tourists begin visiting the space station, or visiting the moon, Julien Fournie will be the man to talk to. This season’s show was an adventure in futurism. From the little cube headpieces to their hip-swinging saunter, they were there to covey an image of confidence and welcome.
Julien FournieIn the peaked shoulders and standing necklines were more sartorial science fiction references. One motif was like computer chip hieroglyphics. Iridescent purple and yellow created a kind of planetary luminary effect. Galaxies and star clusters were evoked by the crystals that sparkled all over Fournie’s runway. Zippers always lending themselves to creative updates in his collections were used as vents in long tuxedo tails and as a trim at the waistline of trousers and bodices. Lacquered feathers and flowing chiffons, molecular prints and matte sequins were all in the mix of the black and white panels and piping that clung to the body or breezed airily over the runway.
Applause broke out when a pregnant model worked it down the runway, 6 inch heels in hand, the dress like a glove, and she looked amazing. And that same energy returned with Fournie’s end of show appearance, walking down towards the photographers’ podium, then jumping up and running back down the runway, arms outspread, amping up the crowd as we returned back out into the chilly Evening air.
- Lee Anderson, Parisian Correspondent
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