Beautiful Creatures is being compared to Twilight

Based on the first book in a popular series, the teen-witch movie Beautiful Creatures is being compared to Twilight, and surely Warner Bros. wouldn't mind if Richard LaGravenese's new film conjured up some of the same results. Set in South Carolina, among haunted Civil War battlefields and curtains of Spanish moss, it features breakout actors Alden Ehrenreich and Alice Englert as the central young couple. Ehrenreich didn't make it to New York for last night's Cinema Society screening. But Emmy Rossum—who plays a foxy, mean-spirited enchantress—did, and she made it known that she painted her own nails for the film. "I've always kind of been a closet manicurist," she told "I love nail Pinteresting. So this was a chance to let my background career shine." Rossum wore Dior—Dior Beauty sponsored the evening—and stayed at the after-party at Cole's until past eleven.

Talking about no-shows, the Harvard Club's hallowed halls played host to a slightly more irreverent bunch than usual for the Marc by Marc Jacobs after-party, but the designer himself was unable to attend, due to fittings for his rescheduled show on Thursday night. He sent regrets through Robert Duffy, who said that they've had each other's back many times over all their years in business together. "There's always one hour each season when one of us just says, 'I give up,' but we talk each other out of it. We always say that if we were doing this alone, we probably couldn't have done it."

So, is this the mellowest New York fashion week ever, or what? The party thrown by designer Saloni Lodha and Laure Heriard Dubreuil nicely captured the spirit of the nightlife this season: In celebration of Lodha's launch of Nomadic Interlude, a book of photographs by David Dunan, starring Christina Kruse, guests were invited to feast Moroccan-style at the penthouse of The Standard in Cooper Square. The Moroccan theme, she explained, was a reference to the setting of Nomadic Interlude; she, Dunan, and Kruse traveled there a few months ago to shoot the looks in the Saloni Spring ’13 collection, and they brought filmmaker Ruth Hogben along in tow. Lodha went on to reveal that she's four months pregnant with her first child, and she's had to promise her husband that she won't be undertaking any more labor-intensive projects for a while. "I think pregnancy will be enough of a project," she said. "But, knowing me, I'll get up to something." Indeed, after the food had been cleared, Lodha could be found having a little dance party with the Courtin-Clarins girls. A mellow one, but still.
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