Justin Bieber -Smoking weed

Honestly I dont care if Justin Bieber smokes weeds. Seriously, how often do you hear about him doing something crazy in the media? But because he isa teenager and acting his age lets make a big deal out of this. Well that is just stupid, so these stupid ass parents are going to stop their kids from listening to Justin because he smokes weeds, I am pretty sure 90 percent of those parents smoke weed themselves. Justin is a young man trying to find his way in the world I say we back off and let him do so. The music industry is stressful so I've heard and I pretty dam sure we all have something that helps us get though the word day. For me its wine the fashion industry can be stressful especially now that I am turing my blog into a magazine. But this is not about me it’s about Justin. I have never had the pleasure of meeting Justin but I always hear good things about him for my peers and co-workers. They never have anything bad to say about him. Like for instance this Vanity Fair cover, I was not directly involved in the process but I do have contacts there. Everyone was so enchanted by his presence and instantly feel in love with him.
Now I have heard some pretty awful things about certain celebrates I can honestly say he is not one of them. Grow up get a life and stay out of his. One more thing if girl's want to cut themselves for Justin to stop smoking weed that their own fault, Maybe if parents care more about their children and paid more attention no slicing of the resist would be necessary. If this world really wants to blame @justinbieber for that then I guess we are just a bunch of idiots.

joseph benjaminComment