Lately people have been asking me what does fashion mean to me. Fashion is a statement that I feel everyone make without using his or her words, it’s a way of saying here I am and this is me. I refer to my self as a true fashion believer. Fashion does not make me who I am but its a big part of my life, its my haircut, clothes, shoes, even my socks and underwear. Fashion is all about how you feel which make you picks the trend for the day or maybe a certain event.

 If you consider fashion to be a big part of your life, here are a few tips for you I feel works best for everyone. If you are truly a fashion believer you want to defy the laws of fashion. Fashion should not have rule and regulations. Dress from your heart and emotions. Tell the world how you feel by simply picking those black shoes with that red pelted skirt and a cream Botegga Venti low neckline sweater. Or may be you decided to wear straight lee jeans instead of boot cut, forget about those Chuck Taylors; you want to wear those brown Parada ash boots you just brought with your red cardigan; brown collard shirt and red bow tie. Colors, trends help make us who we are. Weather is directly related to fashion or many other aspects of our lives. You chose the blue Marcades GLK; Your house was redesigned by an Italian architect. Colors, styles of our sort make us who we are help us feel safe in our own spaces and bodies. Fashion is just  not about how much my jeans were or what designer its manufacturer, it how I feel; why am I wearing it how it makes me feel to wear it. With that being said I believe Fashion is a way for me to relate to other to understand them before conversation. To know my boundaries and their desires. All my friends can tell you they know how I am feeling or my thinking pattering for that day based on what I am wearing. Good friends huh!

Thank you so much for reading