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Confezioni Crosby’s New Factory Girl

April 11, 2012

Confezioni Crosby, designed by Benedetta Antonelli and Jonathan Joory, has established itself through a unique mix of influences: on one hand, American manufacturing uniforms; on the other, the sophistication of Italian design (confezioni is an old Italian word meaning “tailor-made”). The couple comes by the combination honestly: Joory’s family business, Old Toledo Brands, produces workwear; Italian-born Antonelli got her start designing there, after years of styling at magazines in Paris. Last night, the two gathered their fashion-industry friends at their Soho apartment (on Crosby Street, if you hadn’t already guessed) to view the line’s Fall 2012 ready-to-wear collection. There were masculine, vintage-inspired pieces like the canvas electrician’s jackets, corduroy overalls, and fisherman’s coats that the label is known for, here with added versatility thanks to removable wool and plaid nylon linings that did double duty as vests. But there was a new emphasis on the feminine here as well, thanks to embroidered flower details and printed silk pantsuits. (Those prints come courtesy of Fanny Gentle, who also styled the lookbook; in another bit of couples synergy, it was shot by her husband, William “Backyard Bill” Gentle.) Cocktails in hand, the designers explained their desire to create a collection for working girls who want to look chic without having to worry about messing up their clothes—presumably not just electricians, either.

Confezioni Crosby is sold at Opening Ceremony and Bird in NYC and Frances May in Portland, Ore.

Photos: Courtesy of Confezioni Crosby

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