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The Secret To Success: “Just Shut Up And Buy” Your Louboutins

January 3, 2012

This week, Barneys’ Simon Doonan kicks off his book tour for his latest tome, “geared towards anyone mesmerized by fabulosity”: Gay Men Don’t Get Fat. Don’t, however, be misguided by the name: Gay men do eat crumble and “gay men do get fat,” Doonan, now on his fifth book, tells “They are called ‘bears’ and I have a whole chapter about them in there.”

Also in the book: chapters about hokey hookers, Ke$ha and the prissy queens, why macarons are so gay, and the most important word in the history of style. Doonan says these chapters came to him when he got an impulse to share the gay wisdom with the world. “To liberate everybody, women especially, and show them how to live life with the stylish bravado of us homos. Being a girl has never been more complicated—women are expected to look like Gisele, work like Bill Gates, and have a million kids like the old woman in the shoe,” says Doonan. So, what’s his secret to life? Never feel bad, about eating macarons or anything else.

“Don’t feel guilty about buying millions of pairs of Louboutins,” says Doonan. “Just shut up and buy them.”

In between his life coach advice, Doonan also offered up his thoughts on red-carpet dressing for awards season. “I have basically lost interest in awards,” he says. “Watching perfectly groomed people clutching awards has lost any fascination, but I will get interested again when someone shows up in something interesting—they are all gun-shy now.” Fodder for his next book? Perhaps. Doonan wants to let his latest one marinate for a bit before he’s ready to go forth.

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