As you may have heard, has gone to paper. To celebrate the launch of, our editor in chief, Dirk Standen, hosted a dinner party at fashion's favorite canteen, Indochine, last night. He brought in a bunch of people who made the inaugural issue happen, spiked the room with some sociable style types, and soon enough, Jack McCollough was sharing a giggle with Jessica Stam, Prabal Gurung was down to his T-shirt, and Tim Blanks was regaling Thom Browne and Johan Lindeberg. In other words, the universe we love and document was in full turn. "One of our goals with the magazine was to take our readers inside the fashion world," Standen said. "It's often portrayed as this two-dimensional place, but it's a lot richer, more complex and intriguing than that."

Looking just as good off the page was cover girl Lindsey Wixson, the subject of a two-part photo series by Theo Wenner. She'd been photographed in Paris before, of course, but in her hometown of Wichita? No, that was a first, the 17-year-old catwalk star said. Wenner, who was joined later on in the evening by Liv Tyler, captured Wixson off duty, visiting the dentist, doing laundry, firing off some revolver rounds at the local shooting range—from fashion shoot to fashion shoot-out. "When people meet me, they've never been to Kansas, so it's hard to bring that experience to a magazine," Wixson said. "But Theo really put the whole moment into photos. He uses sort of a documentary approach, and I think there's a beauty in something that's not completely perfect."

Producing a magazine while feeding the hungry beast that is the Web required us to burn some serious midnight oil, so now we're all about getting the word out—and are gratified to hear that it reached Thakoon Panichgul, for one, when he was thousands of miles away. "I was in Tokyo, and I was seeing on Twitter that everyone was like, 'You've got to collect this magazine,' so I had my assistant put it on my desk for me for when I returned," the designer told us. Richard Chai, on the other hand, got his first flip-through at a Soho newsstand. "You guys captured exactly what you do online," he said as he headed out the door for round two at Le Bain. "And then added another layer to it."
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