Marc Jacobs

When Marc Met Carine

November 14, 2011

Paris fashion’s long-reigning provocateuse has been spending her days and nights in New York lately and it’s been a buzzy kind of love affair. In the city, it’s been all about Carine Roitfeld—from her creative consulting contract for Barneys, to her fashion week karaoke fete to her new book, Irreverent. On a chilly Friday evening, the former French Vogue editor was signing copies at Marc Jacobs’ Bookmarc, and despite the brisk weather, fans devotedly waited their turn in line outside, and Jacobs ducked past the crowd for a quick hello. Also in town from Paris, the designer has gotten to know the editor/stylist on both sides of the pond. He spoke with about Roitfeld’s impact on the industry (with a few words here and there from the lady herself).

What are your thoughts on Carine’s impact on fashion?
Marc Jacobs: Who else could write a book, or do a book, called Irreverent, right? If anything—if anyone—is irreverent, it would be Carine Roitfeld. She has a mission in fashion. She’s a great editor, a really creative voice and she’s a wonderful mother. And she’s a soon-to-be grandmother. So, how many people can look like this, have an incredible eye for fashion, make memorable images, raise beautiful children and become a grandmother?

Carine Roitfeld: I’ll be pushing a stroller very soon. [laughs]

MJ: And take her grandchild to the park. C’est pas mal.

Have you two worked together before? Is anything in the works?
CR: Not so many projects.

MJ: We’re trying to think of a little project for us to do together.

Marc, do you think Carine has redefined “French chic”?
MJ: I never like to classify things as Italian, French, American. I think what makes Carine so individual to me is that she has such a strong, identifiable style. It’s a bit rock and roll; it’s sex and glamour; it’s cool. I hate the word “edgy” and I hate the word “cool,” but “irreverent” is really cool.

Is her work something you pay attention to whether on a personal level or in work?
MJ: You look forward to things when Carine is involved. You look forward to what she’s doing, who she’s working with, what clothes she’s using. There is always something you don’t expect; you just don’t know. It’s really inspiring.


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