Versace for H&M

Back To The Future

October 20, 2011
Everything’s coming up Donatella. With print mania gripping the runways, Versace has been enjoying a renewed moment in the (presumably Miami) sun. The label, in its Gianni-designed days, led the charge for more-is-more prints, and Gianni’s sister has proven herself an excellent interpreter of his vision. Her Versace for H&M collection, which debuts next month, is an homage of sorts to the label’s heady, print-y heyday—an education in history Versace-style, at an affordable price. But those with more to spend can head to Versace boutiques for another blast from the past. To celebrate the renewed interest in printed silk shirts, Donatella is reissuing several classic styles from the archive. They’ve influenced plenty of other designers since, but nobody does them better than the Versace family, then or now.

Silk shirts, $1,275 each, available at select Versace boutiques. For more information, call (888) 721-7219.

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