‘True Blood’ Bloody Fountain In Romania

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Must See: Awesome ‘True Blood’ Bloody Fountain In Romania
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Romanian True Blood Fountain
Season 4 of HBO’s hit vampire drama True Blood has come and gone here in the States, but over in Romania it’s just getting started. And in celebration of the new season, a pretty insane marketing campaign has been put together.
Collider’s Steve Weintraub happened to be in Romania when he came across the campaign, which is quite literally a massive bloody fountain you’d expect to see outside the Overlook Hotel, spurting streams of red high into the air.
Click on over to the other side to check out a video of the fountain, and head to the source link below for more images.

Can you imagine if someone tried this somewhere in America? An army of conservative soccer moms would collectively go into angry chicken mode and we’d all be doomed!
[Source: Collider]
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