Mulberry Springs Up In Soho

September 7, 2011

Today, Mulberry opened the doors of its first U.S. flagship store, and it’s chock-full of bags—and books? You read that correctly. The new 5,00-square-foot space in Soho has plenty of the London-based label’s signature offerings, as well the custom New York Clipper bag featuring a “peace, love, and apple” motif ($950, pictured), but the space also houses more than 8,000 hardback books—a tribute to the site’s history as a printer and bookstore.

“Artist and designer Jonathan Ellery has created a giant brass triptych inspired by the British love affair with New York and the industrial heritage of the building,” says Mulberry brand director Georgia Fendley of the new Spring Street store. “We have also created a curved folly built entirely out of books, which sits at the center of the store and creates an idiosyncratically English home for our shoe collection.”

Here, in a exclusive video, an inside look at the newest chapter in Mulberry’s 40-year tale.
Mulberry Soho, 134 Spring St., NYC

joseph benjaminComment