Pamela Loves Morocco

September 12, 2011

Pamela Love might cater to the hip downtown girl, but when it came to conjuring up the inspiration for her Spring collection, she bypassed all boroughs and landed smack in Marrakesh. What gives?

“I’ve been dreaming of Morocco,” she told at her presentation over the weekend. “I’ve never been, so I brought it to New York.” She certainly did—the setting she had created could have been mistaken for a Marrakesh souk, complete with models perched atop jewel-toned handwoven rugs and a 10-piece orchestra hitting the drums.

While she’s always been known for her bold, subversive jewelry, this collection has evolved to include bigger pieces with more intricate patterns and semiprecious stones like malachite and red jasper. Working with bronze and silver, Love fused the symbolic styles of North African nomadic peoples and polished it with her signature style. Triangular shapes, such as triple pyramid rings, were a nod to traditional zellij tile work. An elliptical series, crafted into necklaces like double-bib breastplates, was inspired by the Berber tribes. The good thing, for girls who live below Houston Street, is that Love’s Spring 2012 collection looks equally appropriate for globe-trotting and strutting on the city blocks of Manhattan.

Photo: Dean Neville /

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