Kelly Cutrone

Hello, Readers

I just finish reading Kelly's Cutrone frist book. Reading this book I really get a sence of what its like from her point view, what its like to own a business and have worry and doubt. It was honestly suprising to find out that even the most powerful people still have self doubt. Kelly is an amazing person being able to bounce back from the things she has been through. This is complete off topic, I have a aunt she is one of the strongest woman I have even know. When her husband died she found a source of courage to keep going. They day after his furenal she was right back to work.

If its not clear; my point is there are all the people we look up to, that have no morals or ethic about life which does not give us knowledge for the future or to better ourslelfs. Kelly is one of those amazing people, who actually cares and wants young people to get a better understanding of the world around us. I am proud to say that I am a fan of Kelly Cutrone, despit how big she or her company gets is willing to mentour and train our generation.  I suggest you ready both of Kelly's book weather or not you want to be in the fashion industry. I will be picking up Her second book on tudeday.

Kelly here at Haute-House  we support and love you and hope your write another book.
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