In the fast-paced music world where artists need to constantly reinvent themselves and pump out music, videos, appearances, and tours to keep their fans happy and interested, it’s rare for a band to take a multi-year hiatus and come back to legions of fans who have anxiously awaited their return. But that’s exactly what’s happened to Evanescence, the Grammy winning rock band who’s back after a four year break with a new self-titled album and plans for a tour.
For the MTV First: Evanescence, we reached out to fans via Twitter for questions for the band and thousands of written and recorded video questions tagged #EVMTV poured in.
The love for the band from around the world was made very clear. The band spent almost an hour answering these questions and others from MTV News moderator, James Montgomery, and a small studio audience of fans serving as the audience in Nashville.
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Evanescence Fans Come Back to Life

What struck us was how overwhelmingly positive EV fans were. Today the Internet and social media allow fans a closer relationship than ever to their favorite artists, but there is also a lot of negativity surrounding a favorite musician’s competitor, love life, style choices; even their haircut can cause commotion on message boards. But EV fans were so happy to have their favorite band back on the scene, making music, and touring, that they were only interested making their appreciation heard and getting information on the band’s future plans.
During the special, a fan in the audience, Olivia, asked of the upcoming album, “is it any different than your previous work?” Before the band formulated an answer, drummer Will Hunt jumped in, “I’d like to say this band has the most educated fans that I’ve ever seen in my life, and I mean that’s a compliment, you guys are very articulate, it’s amazing.”
We totally agree! Sure a lot of the fans asked “When are you coming to my country/city?” but many of them asked incredibly thoughtful questions comparing old and new musical styles, asking about possible collaborations, and wondering what visual direction the new album would take. Evanescence is incredibly lucky to have been able to leave the music scene temporarily and have their fans’ adoration actually multiply. And they definitely know it. But they are also a band that sat with MTV News for almost an hour and answered questions from those very fans. So, it seems, they deserve each other.

MTV News Makes The Connection: Evanescence Fans Speak Directly To the Band

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