Did you hear? Lady Gaga is having more pictures taken of her

Gaga Says ‘Nothing Is Staged’ in the Photo Book Terry Richardson Is Shooting of Her
Photo: Ray Tamarra/Getty Images

Did you hear? Lady Gaga is having more pictures taken of her? Yes, it's true, really! Terry Richardson is following her around and capturing the most intimate moments of her waking — and possibly sleeping — life for a photography book now available for pre-order on Amazon. Gaga explains what will be inside:
‘I didn’t hold anything back from Terry. He was with me every minute, every moment. He has photographs of me waking up in the morning, brushing my teeth, in the bathroom, in the bathtub. And the thing about Terry, if you know anything about his photography, is that nothing is staged.

What I love so much about Terry is that he thinks everything is so beautiful. I’m always, 'Oh Terry, get out of here,' and he’s like, 'Oh, it’s so beautiful, let me just shoot it.' I felt so comfortable with Terry. I love him so much. He’s a really close friend, and I feel honoured that he travelled with me.
My favourite thing, honestly, is that he loved the fans. He shot the fans the same way he shot me: with no pretence. No “Well, she’s put out records and they haven't.” None of that. The music was all of ours. He would come backstage and he would say, “Oh my God, the fans!” And I’d say, “I know what you just photographed.” And he’d say, “Baby, wow!” And then he’d film me, like, peeing in a cup and, like, ridiculous things.

Since she's almost-naked most of the time anyway, the most revealing thing he could have shot probably would have been her without makeup or a wig. But of course, the Daily Mail has already sort of done that. The Daily Mail never misses any of those really good "stories."
Gaga drops a few wee hints about what will be in her photo book! [Grazia]
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