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Friends With Benefits. Simple concept, but it's just not that easy, and neither is a New York premiere of a movie with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis starring in the leading roles. Last night, the duo arrived at the Ziegfeld for the Axe-sponsored screening of their new rom-com to mobs of screaming fans and a positively endless red carpet. Still, posing for the cameras was kids' stuff compared to the workout the film's writers got.

"We were done with our movie before No Strings Attached came out," explained screenwriter Keith Merryman, referencing the Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher flick released earlier this year. "Their movie actually went into production with our title and we had registered ours first—we were devastated," added his co-writer, David Newman. Spoiler alert: Although both men insisted that the movies are different, the message they send are one and the same—in the end, there are always strings attached.

Despite the familiar storyline, though, no one at the Standard Hotel after-party was complaining about 109 minutes of screen time filled with Timberlake and Kunis in the buff. Except, that is, for Timberlake and Kunis. "My first reaction was like, 'gross—I don't want to get in bed with her," Timberlake joked of his attractive co-star. "I show more than a bit of skin," he went on, "but everyone knows I've put my butt on the line for comedy." Wanting to get in on the naked talk, cast mate Shaun White said, "I have, like, five nude scenes, and Justin just wanted to hold the light while we filmed—it was super-weird." Note to fans of the flame-haired gold medalist: He remains clothed throughout the movie.
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