Joe Jonas IS THAT YOU ?

Shot by Norman Jean Roy, Joe Jonas (I think) graces the latest cover of Details, but he looks different, errr rather something is missing… Could it be his two other siblings (also known as the rest of the Jonas Brothers)? Or his (weird) haircut? Or the fact that his shirt collar is popped…(Why?)
In all honesty, the editorial titled “Joe Cool” just makes me uncomfortable. It’s like watching a younger sibling go through puberty and become a grown man. And it looks like Zac Efron isn’t the only one who has been hitting the gym…Joe suddenly has grown man-muscles himself. Hmm…perhaps they should take the Biebs with them next time? And what’s up with the tank top and leather jacked pulled by stylist Andreas Kokkino? What exactly is the editorial trying to convey here? That Joe Jonas is tough…alone…so he doesn’t need his bros? All puns aside, Joe’s style ship-is-a-sinking…Let’s just call this one an S.O.S shall we? (Yes, I made reference to their 2007 hit tune, who says I can’t be witty and brutally honest at the same time?).
Look, all I am saying is I miss the days of the cute young silly Joe. Watch the video below in case you don’t know what what I am talking about. And as for Joe, chill out…no need to rush looking or getting older.

Joe Jonas’ Prickly PAPER Appearance
Joe Jonas is known as the attractive Jonas Brother, therefore he’s the most interesting (I know, it’s a shallow world we live in). PAPER magazine seems to share my interest and put Joe on the cover of their summer issue. Now I realize its hardly news for the attractive Jonas brother to land a cover, but this isn’t your typical magazine cover. It’s for PAPER, a hip, trendsetting popculture publication that has characters like plus-sized Beth Ditto and comedian Aziz Ansari gracing their cover. The teeny-bopping king hardly fits PAPER‘s demographic…or does he? His editorial is dubbed, “Solo Star Joe Jonas Has Grown Up – and So Has His Music ” which leads me to believe he might actually have (gasp!) talent! Although, I haven’t actually heard any of his solo music, but I can recall catchy Jonas Brothers hit, “SOS.”

In his editorial, we see Joe getting friendly with some cacti. (Someone should really tell him to be careful.) It’s a strange shoot, as its not safe to be bouncing around a prickly plant barefoot or in a suit, but hey, Joe Jonas can do whatever he wants sans his (other) brothers.