Tyra Banks

At the Humane Society's Chefs for Seals event at Skylight West last night, co-host Nigel Barker chatted about the eating habits of his fellow Top Model judges. "Tyra loves to eat, as do I, and we eat out together a lot. She likes to try everything; she likes to nibble." This can sometimes be annoying, though. "Here’s the worst thing she does: She’ll say, 'I’m not eating dessert,' and then say, 'But what are you getting for dessert?' and then, of course, she eats my dessert." There's lots of snacking — and better yet, drinking — at the judges' table on the Top Model set. "Tyra has very regimented-out things like nuts and raisins and lots of water. She doesn’t drink alcohol," said Barker. "I drink. I’m the only person at the table who drinks. You need to drink to get through it!"
Obviously, food and eating isn't all fun and laughs in the modeling industry. "Models get confused. They think they have to starve themselves to look good," said Barker. "I say, 'Yeah, you’re skinny but you have no tone, no shape, and it’s not sexy, it’s actually sad.'" Ultimately, metabolism's a bitch: "Some models can eat like pigs and be skinnier than all of them. My wife is extremely slim. She’s a size 0 to 2, and she eats like a horse; she eats more than I do. Coco Rocha, who I work with a lot, she’s constantly eating; she eats more than anyone and she’s skinny as anything. The world isn’t fair. Some people have fast metabolism, others look at food and gain weight
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