Black Season Book One Posionous Rain

 True Story:
 I was just sitting around one day, randomly got the idea to start a fantsay book. Josiah told me that he was bored and so that how we started, Black Season Book One Posionous Rain. This book is copy writed people so please don't try and steal it.  Here a little preview of  the book.

 My name is Lo, I am the last defence against harbingers who declared martial law over the nation of Abraxia. I was called into war by my charge Barthus, my mentor, my friend, and my orpah father. What once was my home is now nothing more then a memory scattered upon the winds of my mind. Yet still my memory rebuilds it again and again in perfect detail. It is and never will be enough, but a simple memory can hold the key to a future of possiblites so until this war is finished or I draw my final breath I will cling to the only life I have know. A small village plaqued by an unloving king a father who never was and the magic he taught me to weave into existence. Again my name is Lo, and this is my memory of a nation I once called home.
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