Hello Readers,

I am taking time out my day to give some Kudos to Justin Bieber. I am very well aware of what it take to accomplish a dream. Catching a dream can and should take of all if not most of your time. I have seen "Never Say Never" after watching I realized that maybe some people ment to do certain things.

Justin bieber has the largerst and overwhelm loyal fan base. I am one of those fans, I been noticing little  things on tiwtter and on other blogs about Justin Bieber. I am here to say "ENOUGH" why is everyone hatting on a young adult who clearly wants to make a name for himself. A big part of thinks that people would be happy as hell to see him do his thing taking away from all the statics of the world.

People its 2011 we dont have any room for hate. Lets move pass this hate and start raising each other up. To be successful you have to help others. If you dont like his music that is ok but do go around writing things or saythings about that aren't true.

Justin if your someone where reading about this: I truly hope you know how many fans you have and your are awesome I like your music.. overboard is my fav!