Bow Wow


Bow Wow makes VIBE’S BIG List of The Greatest Rapper Alive (Under 30!)

#30: Bow Wow & Diggy Simmons (TIE)
#30: @BowWow & @Diggy_Simmons
via Vibe Magazine
The list is clearly not in order beyond the top 3 rapper chosen (with Lil Wayne as #1) . Several artists mentioned have not yet proven they can move units of cds. Most of them have not lasted 10+ years in the rap business, and none of them have sold out Madison Square Garden a few times over as a headliner. We LOVE some of these rappers, it’s not about putting them down, but about not underrating Bow Wow ( of course it’s motivation for him to make his “Underrated” album that much better.)
Of course being a great rapper is not all about sales (but who would spend money on a rapper for 11 years that wasn’t talented?). Want to know how we honestly feel about Bow Wow as an all around artist?
Here’s a link to check out for why we feel he’s supposed to be at least in the top 3 on lists like these.
Bleaders: Why Bow Wow Could Have Made BET’s TOP 10 Rappers of the 21st Century List -