Bad boys 3

THR reports that Columbia Pictures has hired Peter Craig to write a screenplay for Bad Boys 3. But the project is only in the early stages and none of the participants have yet agreed to return.
The hope is to get both Martin Lawrence and Will Smith to return, alongside director Michael Bay and producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Bruckheimer said in an interview that “When we had about two weeks of shooting left to go on Bad Boys II, Will and Martin were having such a good time, they phoned (Columbia studio boss) Amy Pascal and said, ‘We want to sign up for another one.’ So hopefully we’ll get them all back together again.”
At the 2008 MTV Movie Awards, Will Smith told Hollyscoop that he had an idea for Bad Boys 3, but added that “Michael (Bay) is too expensive now. He’s way too expensive.” And that is the big hurdle — getting the cash to bring back Will Smith, who has since exploded into a megastar, Bruckheimer, who never comes cheap, and Bay, who is now use to collecting percentages of toy merchandise Lucas-style.