Kelly Cutrone New Book is Here

Our cover would have a cat on it. Just because.
Our cover would have a cat on it. Just because.Photo: HarperOne

"Kelly Cutrone has built an army of young women who feverishly look to her
to provide unfettered guidance on their lives," according to the description of Cutrone's new book on Coming out May 3, Normal Gets You Nowhere will include the "Kelly-isms," whatever those are, that weren't included in her first book, If You Have to Cry Go Outside. WWD is also vague in their description of the book, reporting it "will make readers rethink who they are, what they value and what they want from life." Well, the title sure is catchy. It makes us want to write Normal Gets You Somewhere, where we'll offer Cut-isms like, "Don't go to a job interview wearing harem pants. No one wants to hire the abnormally pantsed girl." And: "When you're dating a guy, do you ever brag to your friends, 'He's so not normal!'?"
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