Raz B

I am sure you guys have heard about Raz B and all that drama. I have come to believe that majority of what he's saying is true. I remember when shit frist hit the fan. He retracted his statement, A lot of media people are saying that he is going this now for money. Its was reported that chris stokes paid Raz B monthly to keep him quiet. I guess Stokes got tired of paying him money. I have done my own research I found this video that was posted Dec, 6 2010. I want to make everyone aware that this video was posted 4 month aso.

In this video Raz b is talking to Quindon Tarver. Quindon is telling RazB his experience with Marques Huston and Chris Stokes. I can honestly say that this video did disturb me. My personal view is this. This is how I feel: if some shit Like this happen to me I would find a better way to go handel this. You don't make statments like this and then take it back. make up your fuken mind "did you only want money ?
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