Noah’s Arc

Dear  Celeb or  Organazation name here:
We are writing to you on behalf of our Facebook Fan Page “Bring Back Noah’s Arc”.  We are a group of over 2600 and counting rallying to bring back a show that was prematurely cancelled.
If you have never heard of the show Noah’s ARC heres a little background:.
Noah's Arc  is an American cable television dramedy, vision by Creator and Executive Director Patrick-Ian Polk. The series, with its gay black and Latino characters, integrated such socially relevant issues as same sex dating, same sex marriage, HIV and AIDS awareness, infidelity, sexual curiosity, promiscuity, homophobia, gay bashing, and same sex parenthood. It had parallels to, and has been cited as, a gay version of Sex and the City and Girlfriends.  Set in Los Angeles, the show features the lives of four black gay friends dealing with everyday trials, tribulations, triumphs, and tragedies. The show premiered in October 2005, on the Logo cable-television network and quickly became the network's most popular program.
The show had risen from humble beginnings. The pilot had been produced independently and to assist in funding each episode of the show was originally envisioned as a DVD subscription series. But soon after the  pilot episode was well received at film festivals such as Sundance and other independent screenings, Logo decided to make it a series.
"Noah's Arc" was said to be the network's highest-rated original series. However, shortly after the Season 2 finale cliffhanger aired, Logo announced the series' cancellation. Surprised by the negative reaction to the show's cancellation, the network stated that the series may return if a planned motion picture was a success. Two years later, the film, entitled "Noah Arc: Jumping the Broom", opened in theaters on a limited-release schedule; staying true to its humble beginnings. It had an opening weekend per screen average of over $30,000, giving it second place on the top per screen average rankings list for that weekend. It narrowly missed the #1 slot.   From its release on October 24, 2008, to its ending theatrical run on December 18, 2008, "Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom" earned $532,000 at the US box office. The film had received little marketing support and never played on more than nine screens simultaneously during its entire theatrical run. Based on these numbers Logo decided that the show would not be lucrative. They also did not count on its ever increasing popularity and fan base.
This brings us to the reason why I am writing this letter.  We are diligently seeking to spread the word to people who loved the Noah’s Arc Series and movie and who may not be aware that there is a widely recognized Facebook Fan Page pushing Logo to put this show back on the air.
Let me give you a little breakdown of the members of the Bring Back Noah’s Arc Fan Page.  We have quickly become a family during this journey to Bring Back Noah’s ARC. This show has brought totals strangers together from all over the globe. We have members in several parts of Africa and Europe as well as all over the United States.  We support, laugh, cry, inspire and pray with one another daily. All while making efforts towards getting ‘our show’ back on the air.
The opening credits theme song is “Remember The Love" by Adriana Evans and that is exactly what this show has shown us,  to Remember Love . Love for the show, each other, & our fellow man.  One might think that Noah’s Arc is just for gay and lesbian viewers but that is far from the truth.  There are many straight fans of the series as well male and female as we have learned in our group.  The creator Patrick-Ian Polk, along with the Cast (Darryl Stephens, Jensen Atwood, Rodney Chester, Doug Spearman and Christian Vincent)  portray the series in such a real life tone, that you see past their sexuality and only notices that love has no race, color, gender or face.  Everyone loves and loves hard.  Our model is REMEMBER LOVE!  If Jesus is love then we need to follow his ways and love one another.
With that being said, we are pleading to you to send a shout out to our Facebook Fanpage The Bring Back Noah’s ARC group so we may gain more support for our page, while informing those that may not know we exist, and show LOGO that this is OUR SHOW and we want it BACK!  People can come to the page to join, sign the petition and/or leave a testimony on how Noah’s Arc has touched their live’s.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


The Bring Back Noah’s Arc Family
“Remember Love.”

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