Louis Vuitton women's fall/winter 2011-12

Last night, I was overwhelm with the power of Marc Jacobs.  His new collection capture the working nature of a woman. Its seems to me that this collection is inspired by a woman from our past. Marc Jacobs has redefined  every woman, with this collection he transformed every woman into a power creature of the night.
 the collection is dark, But Marc found a way to bring in bold  metallic colors and keep up with his original idea. Glamorous has been taken to another level with this line. Louis Vuitton Fall/winter collection may be dark however it is very sexy. Marc understand how the female body is constructed and creates elegant pieces of art to cover them. Many people think that fashion is centered in the future but a great designers knows that to have an outstanding collection both is needed.  

Please come stay tuned for picture of his new collection.
joseph benjaminComment