Kell's on Earth

I don’t want to work with these f-ing coolster, asshole f-ing brands anymore…They are the dead weight,” according to Kelly Cutrone.  With the unstable economy, smaller labels are struggling to pay for their services at People’s Revolution. Kelly wants to focus on landing major accounts, who can handle her fees.
Almost on cue, Cutrone got a call from DKNY to executive produce a short film for their online media division.  The spot would feature their new sweater the Cozy that can be wrapped and worn multiple ways.  “A power girl army” of 14 models stormed the streets of New York.  Various landmarks, like Columbus Circle, Wall Street, and Washington Square Park, were used as a backdrop.
Working with a very limited budget, Kelly had to maneuver the models and the film crew without any permits.  They were constantly fighting pedestrians, cars, and cops all for the art of guerilla film making.  After the long day of filming, everyone was pleased with the final minute-and-a-half project.
While Kelly was off planning and producing the DKNY shoot, Stefanie Skinner and Andrew Mukamal were plotting her surprise birthday party.  In the past, Kelly has been impossible to surprise, so Skinner and Andrew M. were extra determined.  They pretended to be an engaged couple, so they could do a free cake tasting at Rocco’s Bakery.
They rented out a suite at the Carlyle Hotel, Cutrone’s favorite.  Robyn had the monumental task of shepherding a reluctant Kelly to the party.  When the birthday girl arrived, she was very surprised.  Kelly even shed a couple of tears.  She almost cried again upon receiving her gift of super fierce booties dripping with goat hair.  Kelly Cutrone has emotions, who knew?
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