happy boy

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Now we all now I don't like starting drama. However, DaddyCrawf seems to have a fair share of his own. 
A few months ago he outed Tom Daley for  DMing him on Instagram. 

WOW, BTW Tom is a married man... WTF 

Here a little info about DaddyCrawf aka Matthew Crawford.

Social media influencer who has earned more than 260,000 followers on Instagram as well as 110,000 subscribers on YouTube.
He was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He was active on Instagram in 2013 but didn't sign up for YouTube until 2015.
He attended community college and bounced around from major to major during his time there.
He has a brother named Michael. He introduced his boyfriend Mason Chapello, with whom he started a web presence called MC², on YouTube.

it me !!

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