Psychic Reading?


It all started when…

I fell in love with fashion. Fashion in Revolt is a collective of like-minded individuals who desire to push the boundaries of fashion, art, and entertainment. We follow some simple rule, we are creators; let’s revolt! We revolt against society rules that limit self-development and connection to spirit. We are crusaders who aren’t afraid to write about social justice, emotional intelligence, fashion and now we are adding spiritual wellness articles.

Hi, I’m Joseph Editor-in-Chief of fashion in revolt.

Fashion in Revolt is all about authenticity being true to who your are without fear or judgement. I promote self-love and self-understanding in some of the articles I write. I can not preach to the world, love all of who you are if I’m not doing the same. Drumroll please!

Hi I’m Joseph, I’m a psychic medium, I’ve had this gift for as long as I can remember. I’ve been doing readings for people privately for the past 5 years and recently returned to my spiritual journey. I currently do reading on Purple Ocean and Psychic Encounters . The past two years have been one hell of a journey with my own health issues and the lost of family members. As I began to heal my own wounds its my goal to do the same for others. My lovely potential, If you are interested in booking a reading with me please find my schedule and availability below.

145 W boardway Long Beach, CA 90802